Next Generation Campaign Awards

The 2020-21 Contest Has Been Extended

Compita por uno de los dos prestigiosos premios Next Generation Campaign® que reconoce a los propietarios de correo, agencias e imprentas que producen campañas innovadoras de marketing por correo.

Se exhibirá el trabajo de los ganadores y finalistas en materiales de marketing de USPS® y se presentará en los eventos de otoño de USPS.

Enter to win by Thursday, August 12, 2021. Leer las Reglas del Concurso


Este año, hay dos categorías:

Grand Champion Award

This category is open for all Business to Consumer (B2C) campaigns.

Winning campaigns are likely to be both innovative and effective. Campaigns with high response rates/ROAS, and with innovative elements such as Informed Delivery® ride-along content, personalized content, die-cuts, pop-ups, textures, scents, specialized inks, and digital response mechanisms are encouraged to apply. Entry is FREE and easy.

For more information about Informed Delivery, email a USPS representative or visit Informed Delivery for Business Mailers.

Innovative B2B Campaign Award

All B2B campaigns, including mailpieces that include Informed Delivery content, are eligible for this category.

How the Contest Works

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How to Enter

  1. Design a campaign that includes an innovative mailpiece.
  2. Give a brief description of your campaign and team using the submission form at the bottom of the page.
  3. Check your email for a submission confirmation number and a link to download the Contest Release Agreement document.
  4. Download, print, and complete the agreement document.
  5. Send your completed agreement document along with five copies of your work postmarked by Thursday, August 12, 2021.
Grand Champion medal icon

Grand Champion & Innovative B2B Campaign Award Finalists

Finalists will receive the Next Generation Campaign Award badge and will have their work showcased in USPS marketing materials and at fall events.

Mail owners, agencies, and printers of the finalist campaigns will be invited to speak and receive their trophies at the National Postal Forum in person or via a webinar.

Grand Champion award icon

Grand Champion & Innovative B2B Campaign Award Winners

The winning campaigns will be highlighted at fall USPS events.

The mail owner, agency, and printer of the campaign will each be awarded the Next Generation Campaign Award trophy and exclusive rights to use the Next Generation Award Grand Champion badge.

Submit Your Entry

Tell us about your campaign and your team by completing the form below.

Comuníquese con nosotros

If you have questions about the contest, please contact

Read the Next Generation Campaign Awards Terms & Conditions.

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