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Print Postage Labels from Anywhere

Use Click-N-Ship for Shipping with Tracking

Ship with Priority Mail® or Priority Mail Express® from your home or office using Click-N-Ship®. Order free boxes, print labels, and request package pickups online. Create an address book, save preferences, or use "Ship Again" to save time.

Print a Label Calculate Your Price

Create Batch Shipments

If you're a small business, print labels for up to 20 identical packages at once.

Order Flat Rate Boxes

¿No tiene balanza? No se preocupe. Use our Flat Rate shipping products. If It Fits, It Ships®1

Programar una recogida

Save time and schedule a free USPS Package Pickup, all from your home or office.2

Watch How Click-N-Ship Works

Con, su Post Office está donde usted esté. To start Click-N-Ship, sign in to or sign up for a free account. Follow the steps to enter your package details, pay for postage, and print your shipping label. ¡Así de fácil es Pay, Print & Ship®!

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Configure Sus Preferencias de Envío

Have one type of package you ship often? Want to get tracking notifications or let recipients know that a shipment is coming their way? Save all your shipping preferences, including package and printing options, default return address, and reference numbers, in your Click-N-Ship Preferences tab.

Consejos para Imprimir y Enviar

Ampliar Todos

Agregar seguro y servicios adicionales

Most domestic Priority Mail® shipments already qualify for free insurance up to $503, but you can purchase additional insurance you might need as you go. If you’d like a Return Receipt for proof of delivery or Signature Confirmation, you can pay for those extra services and more when you create the shipping label.

See Insurance & Extra Services

Include Delivery Instructions

Easily set package delivery instructions when you create your shipping label online. You may request that the carrier leave a package if there's no response at the door or select Hold For Pickup service to have recipients pick up their shipments at their local USPS facility.

Save Time with Ship Again

Si realiza muchos envíos recurrentes al mismo destinatario con el mismo peso y los mismos servicios, no hace falta que vuelva a ingresar la información cada vez que cree una etiqueta. Just go to your Shipping History and select "Ship Again" and the label will be added to your cart with the new shipping date.

1. Para artículos que se pueden enviar por correo de hasta 70 libras. Atrás ^
2. Para obtener más información sobre la Recogida de Paquetes sin cargo, vaya a Programar una Recogida. Atrás ^
3. Para calificar para el seguro incluido, un envío debe cumplir ciertos requisitos, por ejemplo, tener un código de barra aplicable. Para conocer detalles, visite Priority Mail. El seguro no cubre ciertos artículos. Para obtener más información sobre las exclusiones, visite las secciones 609.4.3 (Reclamos No Pagaderos), 609 (Cómo Presentar Reclamos de Indemnización por Extravío o Daño) y 503.4 (Insured Mail) del Manual de Correo Doméstico. Atrás ^

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