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Informed Delivery® for Business Mailers

Create Once. Connect Everywhere.

The U.S. Postal Service® is enhancing the mail experience nationwide with Informed Delivery—an optional notification service that provides eligible residential consumers with a daily digital preview of their household's mail.

Informed Delivery offers business mailers the opportunity to engage users through an integrated mail and digital marketing campaign that generates additional consumer impressions, interactions, and insights.

Quick Links:

Informed Delivery is available to eligible residential consumers in the majority of ZIP Codes across the country.

Download our Users and Household Data (Excel) to learn more about our growing user base.

Interested in Conducting an Informed Delivery Interactive Campaign?

Once you review the Quick Links, there are two ways to submit an Informed Delivery campaign:

Email with campaign-related questions.

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How It Works for Consumers

Participating consumers can preview grayscale images of the outside of their household’s letter-sized mailpieces that will be arriving soon. Mailpiece images are available via email notification, online dashboard, or mobile app.

El proceso es simple:

  1. Consumer signs up for Informed Delivery.
  2. Mail is imaged during processing.
  3. Images are matched to delivery points and mailer interactive campaigns are applied.
  4. User receives mailpiece images.
  5. User receives physical mailpieces.

What Consumers Are Saying

Many consumers are already using Informed Delivery.
Here's what they have to say.1

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95% of users are satisfied or very satisfied with Informed Delivery

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96% would recommend Informed Delivery to friends, family, or colleagues

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70% of notifications are opened daily (on average)

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The Value of Informed Delivery

Informed Delivery can help mailers increase their marketing campaign reach through a synchronized physical and digital touchpoint. This feature allows you to:

  • Receive multiple impressions from a single mailpiece.
  • Enhance the customer call to action with interactive digital content.
  • Connect with customers whenever, wherever—even as they travel—through a computer or mobile device.

If you're interested in signing up for Informed Delivery and experiencing the benefits of the feature first-hand, visit to see if your residential address or P.O. Box™ is eligible.

Image of the Next Generation Award logo

Next Generation Campaign Award

The Postal Service conducts an annual contest to identify the best campaigns that incorporate Informed Delivery.

The deadline to enter the 2019 contest will be in early 2019, with entries being accepted starting in the fall of 2018. Stay tuned for more information.

Congratulations to our 2018 Grand Champion AccuZIP, Inc.

Click here to review the winning entries and get inspired to create your campaign.

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